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Cassidy Austin's journey into the depths of figurative expression developed at California State University Fullerton, where her foray into the arts laid the groundwork for a profound exploration of the human condition. This foundational education was deeply enriched by her subsequent classical training in Florence, a pivotal experience that imbued her work with a blend of contemporary realism and classical finesse. Her technique, a nuanced ballet of light and shadow, color and form, speaks to the strength and vulnerability inherent in the female form, echoing a commitment to exploring themes of identity, resilience, and liberation.

Her approach to painting is both a homage and a challenge to the traditional methods learned in Florence. Through a masterful application of chiaroscuro, she crafts images that pulse with life, their surfaces a testament to the complex interplay between the physical and the ethereal. The intentional use of color, from the soft whispers of serenity to the bold declarations of freedom, captures the emotional spectrum of her subjects. This balance of technique and emotion, precision and intuition, allows her to convey the profound narratives of women navigating the trials and triumphs of their experiences.

In her art, she seeks to create a sanctuary for contemplation and connection, inviting viewers to engage with the canvas beyond the mere aesthetic. Each piece is an invitation to explore the myriad stories etched in the lines and curves of the female body, celebrated in all its diversity and beauty. Her work, a bridge between the classical and the contemporary, stands as a bold declaration of the female spirit's indomitable strength and grace. Through her paintings, she not only challenges the viewer to see beyond societal constraints but also to recognize the inherent beauty and power of the female form in its most honest and vulnerable state.

She is also an advocate for the artist behind the easel. Recognizing the chasms in formal art education, her mission stretches beyond the studio—to empower fellow artists with the knowledge and tools they've been denied. It's a commitment to nurture, guide, and illuminate pathways, ensuring that art isn't just an expression, but also a sustainable, thriving vocation. It's about filling the gaps left by formal education, about recalibrating mindsets, and most importantly, about transformation—of the canvas, of the soul, and of the world. There is no longer such a thing as a "starving artist".

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