About Me

Have you ever had someone ask, "When did you realize you wanted to be [insert wonderful amazing thing here]?" You can probably pick a moment in your life where you recall that "this is it!" epiphany. Maybe. Or in my case, when I deliberately held that pencil or brush for the first time with the intention of making "real" art. But when someone asks me that question, I genuinely can't answer. I typically respond, "I suppose when decided to walk, or talk, or breathe? I simply always have." Followed by a quick shrug which usually gets a laugh.

Art has always been a connection of myself to the outside world. A way I can truly express my emotions and simultaneously connect with others. Through the years of developing my art, I have found the most joy in exploring the position of us in the physical realm. I believe the body to be not only breathtakingly beautiful and powerful, but also the ultimate vehicle for human expression while addressing the subconscious. 

Because of my training in Florence, Italy under the instruction of the masters at l'Accademia di Belle Arte, my style is heavily influenced by the old European masters, and I approach the form with a unique blend of Classical and Contemporary art application. While oil painting is my preferred medium I enjoy a variety of art forms, such as marble sculpture, photography, drawing, and watercolor painting.

I am excited to welcome you to my online gallery where you can purchase my original art, fine art giclee print reproductions or hire me for a personal commissioned piece.

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Cassidy Austin sitting on wall above green Tuscan hills over Florence Italy