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Original Figurative Fine Art


About The Artist

Psychology says those who love the color black have the most colorful minds. I have always been drawn to black. It can be intense and vivid, dark and muted, or rich and sophisticated. Now add to black a few areas of color and an energy is created. Color is the movement of light. A push and pull. I use black and color to create energetic tension. My paintings are a continuous exploration of the vibrations caused by color in addition to the brush mark, or lack thereof, around the human form to express mood. I find the utmost beauty in the human figure and the stories our bodies tell. The traumas and joys we experience. There is no limit to the depth of our existence. My work is instinctual with my application of color and brushstroke as I explore the space between perceived expression and visceral emotion by bringing colorful figures out from the darkness that surrounds them.

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Desaturated Series

Natural Series

Saturated Series

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"Her soft layering of colors and contours seem to take on a life of their own; expressive, absorbing, and resolute. A study in form for all to envy."



"From her rough sketches to a completed work, the amount of detail, subtlety, and nuances Cassidy imbues into her art is absolutely stunning."



"No artist captures human emotion quite like Cassidy Austin. Her work is incredibly brilliant. She speaks directly to the soul in every piece"