Layaway Policy


Pay YOUR Way


  • Choose YOUR budget's down payment (20%-50%), and duration (2 to 6 months)
  • Monthly Payments (other plans force you to pay weekly!)
  • No interest rates
  • No late fees
  • Auto-payments (no need to remember to manually enter payments each due date)
  • Settle your layaway early if you want
  • Cancel at any time prior to completion of layaway plan with refund back to your PayPal account (minus cancellation fee)
  • Note that ALL layaway orders will be shipped only once the entire layaway payments have been processed.


    How do I start my Layaway?

    Can I pay off my Layaway early?

    Can I cancel my Layaway?

    Can I learn more about LayBuy's specific policies?



    Start a Layaway

    Austin Studios is thrilled to offer Layaway payments via Lay-Buy powered through PayPal to the collectors of Cassidy Austin's artworks. Collectors can purchase the works they would like and pay off the balance over a period of up to 9 months. It doesn't matter the size of the order, you just select the payment plan that suits your pocket. It gives you the ability to start or add to your collection with ease and peace of mind. You can also time your layaway to arrive for a holiday or celebration!

    Other payment platforms offer Pay Later features and you are always welcome to use those, however they are ridged in payment plan and installment duration. (Should you elect to use other Pay Later services, you will be bound by terms offered through those alternate services.) Austin Studios extends Lay-Buy as a more flexible and customizable layaway payment plan. With Lay-Buy we still process payments through PayPal's secure environment but each layaway is based on parameters set through the Lay-Buy service's flexible agreement plan.

    Note that ALL layaway orders will be shipped ONLY once the entirety of layaway payments have been processed.

    As opposed to other PayLater services, with Lay-Buy, you choose your down payment (20%-50%), and duration (1 to 6 months). Payments are auto-paid on your scheduled due date each month via the card on file within your own PayPal account. Once payment has been received in full, your artwork will be shipped to you with the shipping service you selected upon entering your Layaway agreement.

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    Pay off a Layaway Early

    Certainly! Austin Studios is happy to settle the Lay-Buy layaway's remaining balance whenever you would like. A BuyNow button should become available to you on your order page within after starting your layaway. Simply access the BuyNow button and pay the remaining balance of your purchase. Your artwork will then be shipped according to your previously arranged shipping service with current shipping times. You may use the Contact Us form (found here) or send an e-mail to with ANY questions. See Shipping Policy here.

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    Cancel a Layaway

    We at Austin Studios understand things happen. If you change your mind for any reason we will work with you on making revisions to your layaway plan or cancelling if necessary. Contact Us to revise your payment plan or should you need to defer a payment. Layaways can only be cancelled prior to paid in full. Upon canceling of the layaway all monies collected will be refunded via PayPal minus a cancellation fee of 25% of the total order and $200 relisting fee. 

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    More on LayBuy

    Please see Lay-Buys Full FAQ for more detailed information or with any Layaway payment processing issues.

    Here is a quick reference for Lay-Buys FAQ

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