Sensual Art Exhibition Takes Center Stage at Waters Edge Winery, Long Beach, California

Sensual Art Exhibition Takes Center Stage at Waters Edge Winery, Long Beach, California

Art enthusiasts and wine connoisseurs alike are invited to indulge their senses at the extraordinary art exhibition presented by acclaimed artist Cassidy Austin, hosted at the renowned Waters Edge Winery in Long Beach, California. This captivating event promises a unique blend of fine art and exceptional wine throughout the month of November.

Waters Edge Winery

149 Linden Ave. Long Beach, CA 90802

On Display November 1st - 30th 2023

Exhibition Highlights:

Cassidy Austin, a distinguished artist known for her expressive realism and unique exploration of the human experience, brings her remarkable collection of over 20 stunning artworks to Waters Edge Winery. Her creations delve into the world of the female form, capturing the essence and emotion of real women in her distinctive style.

What sets Austin's work apart is her deeply personal journey through trauma and mental health, which has become the driving force behind her art. She uses her work as a powerful tool for transformation and healing, challenging societal norms and celebrating the diverse spectrum of womanhood.

The exhibition offers a journey through vibrant colors, intricate contours, and meaningful conversations. Each piece tells a story, offering viewers a glimpse into the artist's profound connection with her craft and her commitment to empowerment.

Opening Night Extravaganza:

The exhibition kicked off with a spectacular opening night event that left attendees enchanted. Guests had the opportunity to mingle, savor exquisite wines, and immerse themselves in the world of art. The red wines, in particular, earned accolades for their exceptional quality, showcasing the winery's dedication to producing fine wines from globally sourced grapes.

Attendees also had the privilege of meeting Waters Edge Winery's esteemed Wine Maker, adding an extra layer of sophistication to the evening.

An Empowering Experience:

The feedback from visitors during the opening night was heartwarming and empowering. Austin expressed her deep gratitude for the incredible opportunity to showcase her work at Waters Edge Winery and the overwhelming support from the community.

The exhibition promises to inspire art enthusiasts, provoke thought, and celebrate the beauty of art and life. With over 20 unique pieces available for sale, collectors and admirers alike will have the chance to bring a piece of Cassidy Austin's transformative art into their own lives.

Join the Journey:

Art lovers are invited to embark on this creative journey, experience the fusion of art and wine, and witness the power of artistic expression. Cassidy Austin's exhibition is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the boundless possibilities of artistic exploration.

The Waters Edge Winery art exhibition will run throughout the month of November. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to view and acquire one-of-a-kind artworks from an artist whose work transcends the canvas.

About Cassidy Austin:

Cassidy Austin is an accomplished artist with a passion for empowering others through her art. Trained in Florence, Italy, and at CSU Fullerton, she paints real women, capturing their essence and emotion. Her personal journey through trauma and mental health has become a defining aspect of her work, using art as a transformative vehicle. Beyond crafting images, Cassidy is an advocate for artists, ensuring that art is not just an expression but a thriving vocation for her students.

About Waters Edge Winery:

Located in the heart of downtown Long Beach, Waters Edge Winery is Long Beach’s first winery, known for its exceptional wines crafted from globally sourced grapes. The winery produces up to thirty different wines annually, offering a diverse portfolio of wines from renowned regions around the world. Waters Edge Winery is committed to delivering a quality product and first-class hospitality to every guest.

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